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Hair loss is a major cause of distress in many men who experience it. It is quite easy to say, “Just shave it off” but for many of us this may not be an option.

There are now so many companies out their all claiming to be the best or provide the best services and for many of us who are experiencing hair loss, thinning or alopecia etc, it can all become very overwhelming along with deciding which is the best solution for you.

MH2GO has found the solution that will allow you to get back your full head of hair without having to undergo any painful surgeries or taking medications that can cause long-term side effects. We have patent technology and materials that will allow us to design a truly natural and undetectable hair system which will integrate with your own hair, blend perfectly and be unnoticeable by sight and touch.

New to hair replacement?

Visit us at our Hair Clinic in Central London where we can assess your hair loss area and determine the best solution for you. We will also show you samples of our systems and place them on your head to give you an idea of what to expect and how it will look and feel. We will also recreate a new hairline (if required) and simply go through all the options in order to make you a truly customized and bespoke hair system.

To find out more view our section on Non Surgical Hair Replacement

Existing Hair Replacement wearer?

We also provide a service to those who are already wearing a hair system by allowing you to purchase your hair system online, ideal for those who are unable to travel or live too far away. We are so confident that we can replicate your existing hair system from your current hair replacement suppliers or design a much better one that we will give you your money back if you do not agree.... Click here to buy online

If you have a system from elsewhere you can still come to our studio to have it fitted, serviced and maintained.

Before     ...An example of one of our hair systems
After     ...Our Hair systems fitted and styled by our leading men’s hair stylist

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