The MH2GO team wanted to come up with a new and innovative idea on how to showcase snippets of some of our client’s with their hair systems along with a brief description about them. Hope you like the results.


Had undergone hair transplant and unfortunately the results were not as he was promised, the treatment also left him with a small scar on the back of his head, after he heard about Non Surgical hair transplant and came across our site, he contacted us immediately During the consultation I could see he had reservations as he had put his trust with a doctor that performed his hair transplant and since then was a little apprehensive about this solutions. After his fitting he was more than happy with his outcome and it even covered his scar on the back of his head . He now enjoys styling his new hair and probably spends a little bit more time in the mirror than really needs to ;)


Came to MH2GO as he was thinning for the top and crown area.We incorporated his own fornt hair line and sat the piece just behind it. This was then colour matched to his own natural hair colour and blended in perfectly


Came to MH2GO as he already had the confidence but just want an extra boost to way he felt when he looked in the mirror. After the transformation his confidence went through the roof which is pretty evident for his video clip. We didn’t even have to direct him on his photo shoot ;)


Came to MH2GO as he was using hair fibres to mask his hair loss. This was working out quite well for him but was now getting to the point where he was using more hair fibres and not having enough hair for it to grab on to. Hair replacement not only saved him an extra 30 mins in the morning but now he can feel confident in his daily life with out worrying about the powder being visible running in the rain or leaving stains all over his pillows


Is a junior medical doctor. He lost his hair at quite a young age and came to terms with that. When he saw one of his friends had undergone hair replacement by MH2GO he contacred us and was amazed at his friend's result. Arfan decided to give it a go and if he didn't like it was prepared to shave his hair all off, but as you can see from the video he loved it and only wished he had done it much sooner.