frequently asked questions



Why should I choose MH2GO?
The question is WHY NOT? At MH2GO we offer quality, privacy, discretion and a wide range of Hair Replacement services within a very laid back and relaxing environment. I have been a hair wearer for over 12 years now and was a client at a well-known hair replacement studio. I have also worked within other hair replacement studios and through all this I realised that many clients were treated unfairly and seen more as a number than a person, forgetting about the client’s needs and the trauma we go through or went through when losing our hair. I also want clients to be aware that you do not need to pay £1,000’s for a hair system and the more you pay does not mean the better the quality the system – this is a myth within hair replacement world and a marketing technique to try and get as much money as they can from you. We provide the exact same high standard of system if not better at a price that is more affordable and manageable. With our quality hair systems and advanced techniques we want to ensure our clients are well looked after and to make the whole process of wearing a hair system stress free.

How long will your Hair Systems last?
All hair systems we say can last on average 3-6 months. You can get longer, however a rule of thumb is 3-6 months and expect to replace the piece 2-3 times a year.
The duration on how long a system lasts can also be affected by how you take care of it and using the recommended products.

How often do I have to replace my hair system?
We generally say that you should get a minimum of 3- 6 months out of your hair system. It is advisable to replace your hair system at least 2-3 times per year.

How long does it take to make a bespoke hair system?
A bespoke hair system can take around 6 weeks to make form the moment the order is placed. A rush service can be offered if you need it quicker.

Will my hair system come off if its windy outside?
This is a misconception for most regarding hair systems. Our hair systems are made from high quality material and the bonding methods we use or suggest to use allows you to wear your system without worrying at all about it coming off, even in gale force winds your system will stay on.

Would anyone be able to tell I wear a hair system?
The short answer is no. As technology advances so do hair systems. Hair systems are now made from the finest quality material, which mimics your own hair and hair direction. Our stylists then create a perfect blend and cut which allows the system to look like it is your own hair.

Is their any other solutions to grow your hair back?
Wouldn't it be great if there really WAS a miracle product that could restore our hair to its former state? Unfortunately, that's just wishful thinking for most men. There are many products out their all claiming to regrow back your hair and for some it may work but for the majority of us it does not. With many of these products from lotions to tablets like finesterdide or Propecia they have to be taken for the rest of your life and can have serious side effects such as sexual dysfunction or impotence. A Hair System allows you to restore your full head of hair without having to go through any surgery or without any side effects. It reality is the only solution at the moment to get your back and with advanced techniques they are now even more undetectable and natural.

What about Hair Transplant?
Many of our clients are clients that have undergone hair transplant and were not satisfied with their results at all. With hair transplant you can never achieve the density you require or have enough donor hair to cover a larger area. You will also need repeated treatments and may have to take tablets like finesteride and propecia for the rest of your life. Techniques have advanced in this treatment so you no longer have to cut off the back of your head leaving terrible scars which I have seen but unfortunately the results are still the same. I have yet to see a successful hair transplant or a transplant where the density is acceptable on an actual person rather than via pictures. The problem is hair follicles on our scalp are very tightly packed together but when carrying out hair transplant they can never place the implanted hair so close together and hence why you end up with wispy bits of hair. You also have to wait over a year for the transplanted hair to even start growing as at first they get implanted then they all fall out and then start to regrow again and this process can take up to a year or more. There are also the complications involved as if it goes wrong you are scarred or damaged as this treatment can also affect your own natural hair causing the hair follicles to go in shock and thus end up losing even more hair than you started off with in the first place.

Can I really expect to receive the same quality as the Expensive Hair Replacement Clinics/Studios?
Yes, at least as good but most likely better. The cost of making a hair system whether you pay £250 or £2,500 is exactly the same, it really a free for all for the hair companies to decide how much they want to charge you for it. Some will have great websites and try and entice a celebrity endorsement to make their system look more expensive, others may give them fancy names like ‘Elite’, ‘Superior’, ‘True Skin’ etc but in the end they all cost the same in terms to make than any other systems out there. At MH2GO we are ready to reveal this secret to people and to let you know that you no longer need to mortgage your house to buy a hair system.

We guarantee that we can match your existing hair system exactly or improve it even more that if you do not agree we will give you your money back.

Do I have to shave my head straight away?
No you do not. We can take a mould without having to shave, trim or cut your existing hair. In fact we do not shave the hair on top even during the fitting of your new hair piece as when your custom piece arrives we get you back in our studio, temporarily attach the system on top and then cut the hair to the style and length you want. We also blend it in with your existing hair and thus gives you an idea of the completed look. Once you are happy then we take it back off, shave the hair on top and fit the system securely. The last thing we want is to shave your hair down, you are not happy with the results and then stuck with the “monk” look.


Is it easy to purchase a hair system and how long for delivery?
It is very easy. Simply go to the products page and select the best option for you, whether it’s the full lace, lace front, skin system or the monofilament. Click “Customise Now” and this will take you to the page of your chosen base. You can then start to select all your custom options. When you select BUY NOW you will be given a summary of your order and the option to select the type of delivery you want.

Payment can be made via the website using PayPal (you do not need to have a PayPal account) or you can contact us to make the payment over the phone. Once payment has been made you will receive a receipt of your purchase and a copy of your order specifications will be sent to us. Simply send us your template and hair samples if required and we will begin to work on your new hair system straight away. The new system will be delivered to your door in complete discrete packaging within 6 weeks or 4 weeks for rush.

What if I am not happy with the hair system when it arrives?
AT MH2GO we are confident you will be very happy with the new hair system. However if you are not then simply send it back to us and let us get right what you are not happy with. We will then look to fix any issues with the system or replace it for a brand new one if the issues are down to the manufacturing process. If you are still unsatisfied, we will be very annoyed that we could not help and will try our best to make sure we can, however if you want to return the hair system we offer a MONEY BACK GURANTEE (subject to the reasons for the return). The hair system will have to be returned in its original condition, uncut and undamaged. Stock systems can be returned for a full money back guarantee provided it is returned in the original condition it was sent.

The Hair system I want is not offered in your products page?
Not to worry. The hair systems listed in our products page are simply the most common and favourable systems clients prefer. However if there is a hair system that you require or wish to design your own hair system simply email us with the details at and we will call you back to go through all your specifications.

Do you offer any kind of support or mean of contact?
Yes we do. We offer full email or phone support where you can direct us with any questions, concerns, queries you may have and if you wish to be contacted then simply leave your contact details and we will contact you directly. Alternatively the email support is available at all times and we will endeavour to answer any of your queries within 24-48 hours. You can also pop into our studio if you wish to.

What is the best Base Material?
The “best” choice for any individual is a reflection of their lifestyle along with what they wish to achieve. If you wear a hard hat every day to work you will want a base material that can take that abuse. If you want the most natural look, you will select a different material. In general, the Monofilament base materials offer the highest durability while the lace and thin skin units while not as durable, offer the most comfort and realistic look.

Our most popular products are the iBase and iSkin with our without lace front. The iLace is also favoured and the stock systems in particular we find the iSkin and the iBase stocks quite popular.

What is the difference in a Stock System and the Custom System you sell?
Stock hair pieces come in a standard size, recession, density and contour. They are also limited on available colours, you can’t choose the amount of wave, highlights, recession or anything else. Also you may have to trim the stock base to match your head shape. At MH2GO Custom Systems are individually designed for each client and the options are endless.

Our stock range are of the highest quality stock pieces available on the market and are made using the most common custom specifications and allow some custom options. To get the perfect fit you may need to get it trimmed to match your template or head shape and once done you will more or less have the same effect as our custom hair systems.

I already wear a Hair System that I like. Can I have it duplicated?
Absolutely. In fact, a large percentage of dedicated hair wearers do just that. We can duplicate virtually any hair system, even those costing thousands of pounds. For a proper colour match, we will need samples of your natural hair to match in your new system. We can also “tweak” the new system if there are any changes you would like to make. Your old system will be returned back to you with your new system or earlier if you need it back quick.

I lead an active lifestyle, will it stay attached under extreme conditions
The question often asked is, will my unit stay secure while I swim, work out, or play sports? The security of your MH2GO system is based solely on the attachment method you select. Some men like to take off their Hair Systems every night and are therefore looking for an easy on, easy off system. Others actively participate in sports or other activities and desire the most secure method of attachment available.

Will my system come already cut & ready to wear?
ABSOLUTELY NOT! While there are those that CLAIM they can cut and style a system without ever having seen you or your natural hair, past experience proves that claim incorrect. The only proper way to cut in a system is when it is on your head. If you want the look you desire and more important, to have it blend into your own hair it MUST be on your head when cut.