our prices Mens Hair 2 Go

MH2GO provides affordability without compromising on quality. All our systems are made by highly skilled workmanships and we use the latest technology and materials to create a bespoke and undetectable system.


FREE Consultation

Template/Mould taken of your head shape

Bespoke hair system design

Hair colour match service

Hair line recreation & Design service

100% Virgin Remy human hair - Unprocessed Luxury Hair

Includes the Fitting. Cut and Styling of your bespoke hair system by our head stylist

Our Bespoke/ In Salon hair systems are made by our higher quality technicians

We also use the highest quality "LUXURY" hair available on our In Salon Hair System Orders

Storage of your custom details/templates/samples for ease of placing repeat/future orders

2 months guarantee

Ongoing support and advice

Thereafter all hair systems are :-

Pay As You Go

Hair System (50% Deposit) £275 - To be paid when placing a new order.


Remaining balance of £275 to be paid after the piece has been fitted.

Total Price £550

(The duration of a hair system cannot be guaranteed but we do believe a hair system can last anywhere from 3 - 6 months, thus looking at 2 to 3 pieces a year)

If you purchase a hair system from the salon but decide to get it fitted elsewhere the cost is £395. This is paid fully on the day of placing the order.


Why do I have to pay £550 at the salon but it says I can buy for £250 online?


At the salon we design a bespoke fully customized hair system. The price includes the hair system and having it fitted. All in Salon hair system orders are made by our highest qualified technicians, the hair we use is hair that we purchase ourselves - Virgin Remy Unprocessed Luxury Human Hair. Extra care and attention is placed with our In salon hair systems and go through a more through Quality Check. The hair systems also come with a 2 month Guarantee. If you have come into the Salon but later decided to have it fitted elsewhere you will be paying £395 and receive all the benefits mentioned above. The online prices at £250 do not come with any of the benefits mentioned above and this is solely for "Online Clients" only ie those that have never stepped foot into the salon and provide their own templates, samples and simply placed the orders directly online.


Buy your hair system online

Customise your system and select all your options from the selection charts

Ideal for existing hair wearers who whish to have their system delivered to them and know what they want or looking for

This price is only available to clients who buy online and do not or have not visited our studio