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Osmo Essence Wax Pomade

Light non greasy styling wax ideal for hair systems - 100ml.

Allows you to create style, definition and texture to hair systems.

Adds gloss and shine.

Create styles without weighting it down .

Non greasy.

High strength hold.

Directions: Massage the desired amount into palms and apply to hair. Comb/Brush to style.

Price: £8.99

NEARLY NATURAL Argan Oil Shampoo for Human Hair Wigs/Toupees

INCREDIBLE HYDRATING SHAMPOO! Nearly Natural Argan Oil Shampoo effortlessly delivers soft, shiny, great-smelling hair with each use. Digs deep to clean out stubborn dirt, but safe enough to use daily.

Nearly Natural Argan Oil Shampoo is a gently and hydrating shampoo for all hair types. This moisturising shampoo washes over your dry, brittle hair and wraps it in a blanket of moisture making it feel like it came right from the factory. You will fall in love with your hair all over again. It has a smooth, creamy texture and smells great. Infuses plenty of moisture and softness to your hair system. The formula also contains vitamins and antioxidants to help stengthen and repair hair wile calming down any frizz. ** AT MENSHAIR2GO WE ARE SO HONEST THAT WE DO NOT SELL THIS ITEM BUT WANTED TO LET YOU KNOW ABOUT IT AS IT HAS COME WITH VERY HIGH REVIEWS BY OUR CLIENTS AND EVEN I USE IT MYSELF ON MY HAIR SYSTEM; YOU CAN BUY THIS YOURSELF BY SIMPLY DOING A GOOGLE SEARCH OR VIA EBAY. YOU CAN ALSO PURCHASE THE CONDITIONER AND THE ARGAN OIL HYDRATING SERUM. THIS PRODUCT IS QUITE COSTLY BUT IT IS WORTH EVERY PENNY**.

Price: £0.01