COVID 19 - Customer Support for Your Hair System


Due to the issues surrounding the Coronavirus and Government instructions for a lockdown, with regret we have decided to close our clinic for 2 weeks at least but this could be extended further.

Although the lockdown does not include us at the moment, for the safety of our staff, clients and to try an adhere to the advise given about isolation and helping to prevent further spread of the virus we felt it was our duty to play a part in helping fight this disease.

This is a very stressful situation for us at MH2GO. We are a very busy place with clients booked in every day taking up to 30+ clients a day and booked well in advance up to April/May. We wish we could help each and every one of you but for these 2 weeks ( with a possibility to be extended) all appointments have to be cancelled and when we re-open we will have a surge of clients trying to book in when the diaries would already be full. We will of course do our best to accommodate you all but in this stressful time we urge you to please bear with us and not to call us at all within the 2 weeks we are closed.


We cannot do anything about your appointments or re-arrange them at the moment. On our return we will do all we can to get our clients back in and re-arrange appointments but please DO NOT call us, as at the moment there is nothing we can do.

How we can help We will provide support via email and SMS/ Whatsapp so any major issues please contact us on:


SMS/ Whatsapp: 07530054874 / 07770232488

Many of our clients will be worried and stressed about their appointments and how will they manage with their hair systems. Firstly we ask you to not worry and understand many people are going through the same situation as there are so many people wearing hair systems all around the country and world.

HELPFUL TIPS AND INFORMATION We have provided some links below to help you self manage and maintain your hair systems, which I hope you will find helpful.

Link 1 – Self Maintenance guide

Link 2- White glue adhesive guide Link 3 – additional self maintenance guide


ADDITIONAL SUPPORT TO OUR CLIENTS We do not want you to feel like we have deserted you during this time so we are taking the following steps to try and help our clients as best we can so they can at least self manage at home. We will provide the following dates where the shop will be open so clients can come in to purchase any products or available stock system we may have in the salon.


Here are the dates we will be open to allow you to come in:- WEDNESDAY 25TH MARCH 2020- 11:00 AM – 2PM

In addition we are also provide online orders where clients can purchase products on the website Products will be limited to 1 item per product subject to availability. Deliveries will be sent once a week on a Wednesday. You can also contact me on 07530054874 if you wish to purchase products over the phone, you can make payment over the phone and we can arrange to send all parcels once a week on a Wednesday.


ONLINE STOCK SYSTEMS If you want to purchase stock systems urgently you can still buy direct from our website We can still send these direct to our clients and we may still be able to provide stock systems not available on our website and arrange to delivery once a week on a Wednesday.

Here is a list of some vital products you may need:-

C22 – Solvent spray to help remove and clean the system. You can also use alcohol or baby wipes if you are unable to obtain this product.

Lace Release – This is to help you remove the system from the front and can also help with cleaning the system or carrying out cleaning for the front system if a lace

Super tape/ Walkers tape/ Red Liner tape/ Contour tapes – All can be used to help attach the piece back on Cotton wool – use this to help with cleaning the residue/ glue from your hair system and head. First use dry cotton wool to take off any residue and the apply C22 to help clean further.

Dry cotton wool help remove residue and when it gets wet use another piece.

White glue/ Ghost Bond – If you use a white glue attachment you can look at alternative brands such as Ghost bond etc. all can be found on eBay or amazon.

Also look at the attachment/ link for white glue attachment There are plenty of videos on you tube to help and assist with all these things so please do not worry or stress, do your research and check YouTube to help you out and use this time where you maybe off work to look into how to maintain, remove and clean your systems.

Once again I want to thank you for your understanding and support in this difficult time and look forward to everything getting back to normal and business as usual. Until then please look after yourselves, contact us via email or SMS/WhatsApp for emergency situations or advice and lastly from the MH2GO Team & Staff, we wish you to stay safe, healthy and remain positive as we are all in this together ;)


Warmest Regards

Jay Manager/Owner MH2GO