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MH2GO has been increasingly popular and busy and we urge prospective clients to ensure they read the below and fully understand the process of Hair Replacement.

Please see below information regarding our hair systems and the way the process works:

A custom hair system is made to fit on top of your head, and blend with your own hair on the back and sides. We make according to the size needed to cover the thinning hair and take a hair sample to colour match exactly.

A custom piece is hand made, each hair is individually attached to the hair system strand by strand and thus takes around 8 weeks to make from date of order. This is an estimated time frame to give allowance for shipping/delivery times, or any delays that may inevitably occur.

During the consultation you will be shown how the process works, best practice procedures and to try on some sample pieces. After the date of consultation, you would then return to us around 8 weeks later for your fitting (this can be pre booked during the consultation). Fittings take approximately 2.5 hours.

Initially, we temporarily attach the hair system to your head without shaving any of your hair and proceed to cut the system into the style you have requested. Once you are comfortable and happy with your new style, we then remove the system, shave away any thinning hair and re-attach the system securely.  This way you get to see how it will feel and look before you make the commitment of shaving your hair off on top.

There are 2 ways you attach a piece to your head:

1) Hard Bond - This is when the piece is glued on. You then come back to us once a month for the maintenance, which includes taking off the piece, cleaning, re-attaching and cutting your own hair. You can usually wear this continuously for up to 4 weeks. Monthly maintenance in house is from £55 - £65 and booked for 1 - 1.5 hours or more depending on the service you require.

2) Soft Bond (Self-Maintenance) - This is for clients that wish to carry out their own maintenance, live too far to travel to London or do not wish to use glue and thus using tapes only (glue can be used also). You remove the system once every 1-2 week, clean and reattach yourself. We teach you how to manage your system yourself during fitting. We also hold Self-Maintenance Workshops to if further assistance is required. This method of attachment is very secure and generally holds anywhere between 1-2 weeks (Can vary for each client).

A Hair system can last between 4-6 months dependent on care. We estimate that you would require 2-3 systems per year.

You can sleep, swim, shower and work out with a hair system on, and it will remain secure (This can vary as all clients are different with different scalps, skin and lifestyle activities). When it comes to swimming try to keep head above water, as the chlorine or the salt in the water can damage or dry the hair out.

Is Hair Replacement right for me?

A hair system is a great way to get your hair back without painful surgery or the trauma of going through Hair Transplant, using hair thickeners or fibres etc which are only mask your hair loss but will not give you back a full head of hair.

Wearing a hair system is a lifestyle choice and not everyone will be suitable for this process. Many clients adapt well to a hair system, however some clients may not. We cannot guarantee how well you will adapt to this process, as every client is different with different expectations. It is the responsibility of the client to make this choice and at MH2GO we will do all we can to ensure the piece has been designed to your requirements and specifications. The form of attachments we use is standard throughout the Hair Replacement industry and again we cannot guarantee how well you adhere to the attachments provided.


The cost is £495 for the hair system. On the day of consultation, if you decide to go ahead with an order, we design a new hairline for you and take a template of your head. There is no charge for the consultation, however a deposit of £250 is required on the day to place an order. The remaining balance of £245 is then paid on the day of fitting.

Whenever you require a new system, the cost is the same, paid in two instalments of £250 on date of order and £245 on date of fitting.

For subsequent orders the price remains at £495, however if you decide to purchase a hair system only and wish to have it fitted elsewhere or with your own stylist the cost of the hair system alone will be £395. You will not be eligible as an online client or pay online prices.

As it is human hair you can use gels, waxes, hairdryer, shampoo, conditioner etc. but only shampoo and condition once a week.

If you wish to book a consultation please provide your full name, contact number and your availability.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to let me know.

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