Non Surgical Hair Replacement for Men. Is it right for you?


Hair Replacement or also know as Non Surgical Hair Replacement has come along way, especially within the last 4 years. As a Hair Replacement wearer of over 16 years i can say the concept generally has remained the same, however improvement in technology, materials and costs have improved. 


Back in the days Hair replacement companies have been trying to charge in excess of £1,000's for hair systems, however now that compaetion in this field has increased thery have now become a little more affordable. In saying this there are still some or many compoanies out there that are still trying to charge excess amounts for a hair system.

Hair Replacement for Men has become incerasingly popular with more aknowledgement of the process on many social media platforsm like facebook and instagaram as well as being televised and Hair Replacement clients being on TV shows like First Dates etc. 

When i decided to open my own Hair Replacement compoany Menshair2go, i wanted to provide an honest and affordable approach to Hair Replacemernt. Within a few year MH2Go became one of the top Hair Companies in London with clienst tarvelling from afar and a fee celebrity clients on the books. 


Is Hair Replacement Right for Me?

During consulations we never persuade, pressure of force anyone into going down the route of wearing a hair system. Hair Replacement is not right for everyone, even if you want hair the concept still may not work well for you or your lifestyle.


Many clients take to it immediately and love seeing themsleves with hair, however some need more time to get to grasps of now seeing themsleves with a full head of hair. Their eyes have not adssuted and some simply cannot come to terms with their new hair or seeing themselves with hair. 


Wearing a hair system does not have to be hard but it does require management, maintenace, care and attention. Issues like lifting can arise or slight itchyness or irritations all these issues can be recified withina few months of wearing as we would need to adjust the bonds or adhesives in order to fiond the right attachment suitable for you and your lifestyle. Hair systems also do not last forver, hair falls out over time and tghe colour of the hair can fade. WEith colour fading the hair is made from 100% human hair so it can be dyed like you woudl your own hair.


As a consultant it is difficult for us to know whether you will be able to adapt to wearing a hair system or not, soemtimes it is just a case of trying and the worst case scenario is if it is not for you then simply take off and grown back your hair but at least the mere thought of it will now be gone from your mind so can focus on other things. 

Of course many clients are very happy and say its the vest thing they ever did. People ask me if i am glad i wear a hair system, the simple anwer is " i would be glad if i had my own hair, but since i do not and do not suit a bald head this is the next best thing for me and the best option for me as opposed to hair transplanret which would never give me a full head of hair"


I hope the above can help you when it comes to determining if going down the route of wearing a hair system or hair piece is the right option for you ;)