There are a variety of causes and reasons that can contribute to men losing their hair, however, in some situations men tend to shy away from the coming to terms with the actual reason why they are losing hair, and just blame the cause on genetics or age. This is totally wrong there are many other factors, triggers that can onset balding that most men suffering from hair loss do not realise.

Statistics state that two – thirds of men will start to loose their hair or experience some form of thinning by the time they are age 25. And 85% of men will experience forms of hair loss once they are 50 years old. However let this not scare you some men are just born lucky and may not experience this!

For anyone experiencing hair loss, it can be a quite stressful experience and even more frustrating when trying to find a solution. Luckily for men scientist have found, and simplified the common causes of hair loss in men. The Following are the top 5 reasons/causes why men are losing their hair.

Male Pattern Baldness

Male pattern baldness is one of the most common types of hair loss, most men suffer with. This type of hair loss occurs mainly with a U or M shape recession around the hairline and the crown of the head, over time the hair follicles begin to shrink, and eventually thinning or complete loss.

There are a few tests that can be done to diagnose male pattern baldness however it is easy diagnosable based on the appearance and pattern of the hair loss.


Any type of stress can be a strain on anyone’s health, whether it be physical or mental. Severe stress can send waves of different metabolites and hormones around your body which can put it in shock, this can lead your hair straight to the telogen effluvium phase. This is the stage where the hair begins to shed.

If you are able to tackle the root of your stress your hair may have a chance of growing back. It is always recommended to seek medical advice if you are suffering from stress.

Autoimmune Hair loss 

Chronic illnesses such as diabetes, autoimmune disorders or thyroid diseases have been closely linked to hair loss, some side effects from medication can cause damage to your follicles. It is always advised to speak with a professional or doctor if you think you may be losing your hair for this reason.

Skin Conditions 

Hair loss in men can be onset by various skin conditions and diseases, from psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis and many other especially since hair is formed from the follicles of the scalp, any type of contact skin or scalp issue can cause strain and cause hair loss. It is always advised to seek medical advice from a dermatologist so that you can treat the problem sooner rather than later.


There are many everyday lifestyle factors that can be the invisible cause of your hair loss, this includes the following:

Poor Diet – Lack of nutrients can cause your hair to become weaker and eventually falling out. A healthy maintained diet is highly important, reducing the amount of sugar can decrease the amount of DHT (de hydra testosterone) being produced. Too much of being produced can slow down hair growth

Alcohol & Smoking – Both of these everyday external factors can have a huge impact on your hair. If both are taken excessively they are most likely to reduce the intake of nutrients causing damaging toxins to enter your bloodstream, also causing damage to the hair follicles.

Excessive exercise or physical activities – going to the gym and working out excessively can put your body into a state of shock which is also a root cause of hair loss.

Products – Excessive use of products can cause damage to the hair shaft eventually leading to hair loss. Many products such as gels, hairsprays or mousse contain alcohol that can be harmful to your hair, causing the hair to break or split.

Many men are suffering from hair loss, please do not think you are alone, there are many options now on the market that can help, which is one reason why we’re here! If you are interested in hair replacement and want to seek some advice, why not call us on0207 998 6565  to book a free consultation with one of our consultants