The Apollo base will allow you to feel and look great. Restore the feeling of having authentic locks with the Apollo base System! Experience how a Swiss Lace centre can assure you of a complete natural and undetectable look.

The Apollo base System is clear as crystal, no one would know you are wearing one. You can enjoy the authenticity of your desired crowning glory anytime of the day. For durability and strength you can choose to have a full skin perimeter or a semi skin perimeter for an even more undetectable front.

You can select either a French lace or Swiss Lace.

Full Poly Perimeter - This is great for those who wear their hair down, not show their hairline or have their fringe to the side and along with under knotting at the front you can wear this system with ease.

Semi Poly Perimeter - Ideal for those that want to have their hair up at the front or expose their hairline.

Poly coating on mesh circumference - Experience the durability and security from poly coating that has been tried and tested. You can choose to have a full perimeter poly coating for full durability to the front, back and sides or a semi poly coating which provides durability to back and sides allowing you to have an undetectable front.

Ventilated for comfort - Enjoy the luxury of wearing fresh cool air on your scalp. You do not have to suffer from the distress of humidity.

Hair is completely knotted by hand - With the manual labour of ensuring that the hair is knotted to perfection, you are guaranteed of a reliable needlecraft by our expert staff.

Brush to whichever direction - Do not get limited with one hair direction! With the Apollo base System, you can actually wear your any which way you desire.

Part on your left or right side or have it freestyle so you can comb and brush in any direction.

No need to consult an expert for maintenance - Do your thing without the hassle of going to your hair expert and paying costs when you can do it quite easily in the comfort of your own home and at your own time.

Advantages Natural, Durable, Lightweight, Breathable, Natural front hairline with the semi poly perimeter, easy to maintain.






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Total Price: £450