Experience the authenticity of your hair with the iBase hair piece system! This exceptional hair replacement allows you to enjoy natural feeling but also the durability of the system.

The iBase system is half an inch lace front with strong net centre and a polymer perimeter. It is made from super fine monofilament centre so that you can achieve that natural look. The inherent characteristics of the monofilament create that soft, supple, and subtle quality of a hair piece. In the medical field, the monofilament is used to test the sense of touch. Hence, such material will allow you feel whatever stimulus is coming from the environment. Feel hot, cold, humid, and what not. This only goes to mean that with the iBase hair system, you feel all natural � like you should be.

The polymer perimeter allows durability and the super fine monofilament top and front allows complete un-delectability and a natural look by sight and touch. The iBase allows you to have the best of both worlds and is the most popular base systems as it gives you a natural hairline, durability with the PU all around and the breathability with the monofilament centre.

Natural hairline - Yes this is the secret of many clients who have had bad hair condition in the past. This amazing feature of the iBase system stands out from the rest of the products in the market today.

Invisible front with bleached knots gives it a truly natural hairline.

Brush to whichever direction � Express you mood or personality any time of the day. Get the hair style that you desire!

Part on your left or right side.

Undetectable base.

Light, strong, durable.

Base material colors: flesh, brown, black, clear, pink, yellow, light reddish brown, or any shade of your preference.

Made for any type of hair.

Good ventilation.

No need to consult an expert for maintenance, you can maintain your hair system in the comfort of your own home at your own time. No waiting around, making appointments, traveling or paying for re fusion costs. Self-maintenance is the key to a happier life when wearing a hair system. Custom made to your hair color, highlight, and per cent gray content.

Advantages Most popular design, Natural, Lightweight, Breathable, Durable, Natural front hair line, Easy to maintain.






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Bleached Knots (£10.00):

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Total Price: £450