Do you have a hair system that fits you well, if so, send it in and we can duplicate it exactly or make any changes you want, for only �250 with free shipping. It doesn't matter where you got your system from, we can duplicate every type of hair replacement system manufactured today and of course, if you'd like changes or improvements to your current system, that's no problem just state them in the "Special Instructions" section below. Why duplication is a great solution for you:

It's a quick, easy and reliable way to order. If you can send in a hair system that fits you well, we can get all the important measurements we need.

You'll save tons of money. Ordering hair through us means you're buying direct from the factory. So we can produce the same quality but you can purchase it for a lot less.

Our hair systems are top quality. We use only the best materials and hair. Plus, we guarantee workmanship and this if you are not satisfied we will offer you a 100% money-back.


You have chosen to send us a hair system. After purchasing, please send it to:

96 Commercial Road London, E1 1NU

Would you like us to retain your sample and/or template for future use?


Total Price: £0